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Insignes is born with a goal, that the passionate ones by the language and the Spanish culture of all the corners of the planet, have the opportunity to learn the Spanish enjoying, in an amusing, familiar, cozy and competent environment, with our total linguistic immersion courses.

The professionalism, passion and enthusiasm that characterize our team (native teachers) transmitting the knowledge, will make you acquire the skills you need to develop with fluency in Spanish < /strong>, in any situation, whether in an informal conversation on the street or in a professional environment.


What is Spain? How it lives? What is eaten, drunk, sung, danced in Spain? What story is behind every custom? How is the news in Spain? Do you want to discover our Spanish culture?

In Insignes we understand Spain as the expression of the family, of our land, of many climates, of the gastronomic richness, of an ancestral culture, in short, of an origin.

The great diversity of regions of Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries offers us an enormous range of cultural characteristics very varied. That is the heritage that we want to share with you. We combine the theoretical lessons of Spanish with playful activities to practice what we have learned, in a relaxed and fun environment in order to strengthen the learning of the Spanish language and culture.

Our maximum interest and the goal of our team of teachers is that you can master Spanish perfectly, that you know our culture and you fall in love with it.

We are in the Region of Murcia, in the southeast of Spain, on the Mediterranean, with a mild climate all year, our origins go back to prehistory, the people are friendly and welcoming, we have an exquisite gastronomy that will make you suck your fingers, for something is called the Huerta de Europa: an idyllic place, perfect to live and enjoy and, the best place to learn Spanish with native Spanish teachers . With us you will take advantage of every moment of your stay and enjoy Spain surrounded by friends.


M. Carmen Bernal

My passion for languages ​​and for knowing other cultures, has led me to study Italian, French, English and Chinese and I do not rule out continuing to expand my knowledge with other languages. I believe that cultural diversity is what enriches people and what has allowed humanity to evolve throughout history. Sharing with you my enthusiasm, I hope that INSIGNES will live an exciting and unforgettable experience, and that when you return to Spain, you will come to our school to greet us. We will welcome you with open arms.


We have been very demanding in the selection of our team. Qualities such as professionalism, competence, willingness, enthusiasm, empathy, energy, talent and passion, have been what we have considered when choosing the people who will accompany you in this wonderful adventure towards our culture.


The Decimal Granary

The Granary of Lorca was established during the mid 16th century to collect and administer payments in kind or money made to the church from harvests or other produce from the fields. The purpose was to provide for the clergy, and cater for any needs related to worship and the religious buildings.

In the year 1753 the devout of the granary bought a house lying in ruins for governor Diego Joaquín Leones which was located in the Saint Matthew’s parish in order to provide space and greater comfort for his granaries and offices. In 1763 the master builder, Pedro García Campoy began work on a new extension. The first floor of this building was to be composed of an oil press, oil cellar and offices. The second floor became a wheat and barley granary, and accounts department.

The ground plan was accomplished in 1862 by the architect Juan José Belmonte. Rains during that year partially damaged the roof of the building, and as it was then pronounced ruined, the building was later expropriated and became public property which Lorca’s Town Hall reclaimed for social use. In 1927 the building was sold to Pedro Alcántara Sánchez López de Ayora according to the property records of our Town Hall. In 1964, although all these properties were considered of historical-artistic value, they were not yet protected by this. The plot was later sold to Pedro A Sánchez’s heirs, and as a result approximately three or four portions were separated and demolished around 1976, with the approval of Bellas Artes (The Fine Arts), and with the purpose to construct housing there, a building which still remains now.

What is left of the Lorca’s Granary today is a square building of almost 300m2 which supposedly was the oil cellar and barn for storing the wheat and barley. Currently the Granary building is part of the “Lorca Taller de Tiempo” routes.


Alba García

Graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Murcia. Followed by the Master’s Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

French teacher at a private academy in Murcia, deep knowledge of the language with a period of one year in Avignon (France).

Young and dynamic, eager to teach and learn from students and with great interest in other cultures and different styles of visualizing life.

Languages: Spanish, French, English

Víctor Garre

Hi, I’m Victor. I am 24 years old and at 18 I already knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to teaching. This vocation was always parallel to my interest in art and literature. Maybe that’s why I studied Hispanic Philology at the University of Granada. Insignes Idiomas is the first step, who knows if the definitive, of what I intend to be a life dedicated to teaching Spanish and its literatures.

Learning Spanish, like all learning, requires three things: dedication, effort and passion. And none of these characteristics is at odds with fun. Broadly speaking, we pretend that Spanish is simply an instrument to know and understand Spanish culture and, more specifically, Murcia. The classes, in short, will be an approximation to the life, customs and tastes of our people. Every language generates, as W. G. Sebald said, a house in this world. Hopefully our classes and activities feel the foundations of your homes in our region.

Languages: Spanish, English

María Rubio

I have a degree in Philosophy and Arts, with a specialization and doctorate in Art History, and a Master in Editorial Translation from the University of Murcia.

I have developed my professional life linked to the world of cultural management and I have also worked as a translator and interpreter in both public and private spheres.

Since 2008 I have worked as an Italian teacher for the Official Schools of Languages ​​of the Region of Murcia, and as a Spanish teacher for foreigners in Italy, where I have taught in primary, secondary and Adults. I have collaborated as an editor with the publisher Difusión in the preparation and publication of materials for the teaching of Spanish, and today I combine the teaching activity with the collaborations with the Cervantes Institute, of which I am an examiner, for levels A1-A2, B1-B2 and C1-C2 “.

Languages: Spanish, Italian, French, English

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